Simple Mobile Application

We built CaddySnack to help improve guest satisfaction and to increase the revenue potential at resorts across the country.

Guest/Golfer App

Open the application, select items from the menu, place order, automatic payment with optional tip... It's that simple. Read More

Delivery App

Accept orders, view pending orders on map, drop off orders without stopping play! Read More

Resort Management Console

Manage menus, manage delivery people, order reports, menu analytics and guest analytics that even show who is on the course. Read More

Increase Revenue

Improved Sales Process

Hello logistics. No more driving big loops around the track. No more missing out on orders. Accept orders as they come in, deliver them in minutes. Catch every sale.

Increase Rounds Played

Help reduce those bottlenecks! Accept and prepare orders beforehand and all payments are managed from the app.

Expand Restaurant and Product Menu

Allow golfers to order anything they might need but was previously out of reach. More golf balls, your famous burger, suntan lotion... increased sales and guest satisfaction.

Improved Guest Satisfaction

Improve Speed of Play

You flag down the snack cart to order some food and a few drinks and next thing you know 5-10 minutes passes because your order has to be prepared then and there. With CaddySnack orders can be prepared and dropped off in a flash.

On-Demand Ordering and Delivery

This is why we exist. Roaming snack carts simply don't provide the service guests need. With the technological capabilities available now guests simply shouldn't have to wait hours to place an order. We reduce this time to minutes and keep your guests happy.

Hassle Free Payment

Driving credit cards back to the clubhouse? You really shouldn't. With CaddySnack, once the order is delivered to your guest, payment is done directly through our platform, saving time and the inconvenience of outdated payment methods.