A smart guy once said "Make things as simple as possible, but no simpler." We believe technology can, should, and must do that.

About Caddysnack

Conceived and perfected by a group of golfers and technologists, we know what is most important for everyone using our platform: a quick and friction-less experience that makes an already great day of leisure even better. Our priority is and will always be to make a day at the resort/course as close to perfect as possible.

Our Team

Pete Nystrom


Co-Founder & VP of Engineering at Classy.org. Founder & CEO of TheSchoolDay. Often up at 3am since sleep is not an option until the problem is solved.

JT Tyler


Head of Sales at MyoPharma. Created v1 CaddySnack dispatch algorithm. Lover of all things logic and logistics...and golf.

Todd Simmons

Chief Growth Officer

More business development, marketing and sales experience than should be possible for one person, and has the connections to prove it. There's 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon; there's 5 degrees of Todd Simmons!